More energy and flexibility for your everyday life

Time for Yoga – Time for Yourself

Are you longing for a revitalising break from your everyday activities?

Experience the interplay of activity and relaxation in yoga. The combination of asanas (physical exercises) and pranayama (breathing exercises) trains your awareness of your body. As a benefit, you will experience more flexibility, relaxation and energy for your everyday life.

Our comprehensively trained yoga teachers will meet you where you are in each class. Here you will be recognised and supported in your individuality. The courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga students.

Our yoga classes take place on site in the south of France or online via Zoom.
If you are interested in a particular class, please get in touch via our contact form.

Worth per hour:
On site: 15,- €
Online: 15,- €

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Mantra Vital Yoga

The sounds of the voice and the instruments touch you in a holistic, healing way.

Mantra Vital Yoga

The body can relax deeply in the sounds of the music. The sounds support the movements of the yoga asanas and harmonise the body-mind system.
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Mindfulness yoga

Shows you ways in which you can approach your body and any existing complaints or limitations more easily, openly and caringly.

Mindfulness Yoga

By being mindful of your breathing, your current movement or posture and what you can feel in your body, you too can become more and more aware of what your body needs at any given moment.
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Hatha Yoga

Stimmt das Körpersystem durch Tiefenentspannung, bewusste Atmung, kräftigende Übungen und Dehnungen auf Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden ein.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga ist darauf ausgerichtet, dein Körpersystem wie ein Klanginstrument auf Gesundheit und Harmonie einzustimmen. Dein Atem trägt dich dabei durch eine Sequenz aufeinander abgestimmter Übungen, die sofort wahrnehmbar deine Präsenz vertiefen und dein Wohlbefinden positiv beeinflussen.
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Mantra Yoga Teacher

In my yoga classes, I draw on many years of experience in various yoga styles. I have been a certified yoga teacher (400h) since 2020 and have undergone extensive training as a singer with Nahizji.
It is a matter close to my heart to pick you up exactly where you are right now – with everything you are and bring with you.

I particularly enjoy incorporating music and voice into my classes and experiencing how the sound has a flowing and touching effect on the yoga practice.

Namitan Yogalehrerin


Yoga Teacher

Until my yoga teacher training, I had no contact with traditional yoga. I started my yoga teacher training because I was so fascinated by the mindfulness and subtle perception of the teacher I “accidentally” experienced during a training session that I wanted to learn exactly that. This fascination for the harmonious combination of movement and mindfulness still motivates me today to delve deeper and deeper into the perception of my own body and to teach this to my students. In combination with the perception of the inner level, this is also the basis of my own path of growth and development.
With mindfulness, joy and creativity, I will meet you where you are at the moment and will be happy to accompany you on your path to greater awareness, flexibility, strength and inner and outer balance.