In addition to her role as Nahizji’s personal assistant, Namitan takes over the external organisation and administration tasks at the Holistic Life Home. She looks behind the scenes and, in her practical and prudent way, also takes care of the things that come up unscheduled so that everything runs smoothly.

She also offers interested people various body treatments as well as mindfulness yoga in small groups and individual sessions (currently also available online).

Offers from Namitan

Mindfulness Yoga

With the awareness of breathing, the current movement or posture and what can be felt in the body, you too can refine your perception more and more for what your body needs in each moment.
Wellness Oase

Foot treatments

What we give to our feet, we give to our entire body.
In reflexology, methamorphosis and wellness massage, all other areas of the body can be addressed through the feet to relax, stimulate and vitalise them.

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