Teaching & Symbolism

The Mystery School of the Trinity

Unfolding your soul plan

The lineage in which Nahizji works and which she continues is the Mystery School of the Trinity, the power of the masculine, the feminine and the child. It forms the basis of the “Inner Study” in which you, on your path of becoming conscious, are instructed by Nahizji in the teaching of the Kundalini of Devotion, which Nahizji received through Mary Magdalene.

The Mystery School preserves ancient knowledge and opens the soul development through feeling the feelings, which paves the way to the heart.

In the school we learn to welcome the masculine and feminine qualities and to use them for our development.

Harshness, for example, when we use it negatively, is directed against us – harshness in the redeemed form, however, is clear and gives boundaries.

From the balance of the masculine and feminine qualities arises the childlike power, which is connected quite freely and naturally to the wisdom of the cosmos. The child is constantly revived by the divine impulses: God sends sparks that the child receives.

We carry all these qualities within us and long for them to blossom.


The symbol of the Holy Trinity

The Fleur-de-Lis (or Fleur-de-Lys) is a stylised representation of a lily, consisting of three leaves held together by a ribbon. The “standing” leaf in the middle symbolises the sword of the Holy Spirit, the manifestation, and the two outer leaves symbolise the Holy Grail, which receives the spirit. The ribbon symbolises the interconnectedness of three aspects from the perspective of the Trinity.

Here the Fleur-de-Lis in its original form from the teachings of Isis stands for the three inherent powers of the masculine, the feminine and the filial essence:
male essence: paternal, active, executive power.
female essence: maternal, passive, receptive power
– childlike essence: universal, spontaneous, creative force, life from the here and now.

The lily itself and thus the stylised form is associated with Isis as well as with Mother Mary and Joan of Arc and as a quality symbolises purity, innocence and virginity as well as seduction, passion and eroticism.

The Fleur-de-Lis reminds us to open the devotion within us and to receive the divine impulses within us for the realisation of our soul plan.

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