The Team

of Holistic Life Home
around Nahizji


La’inesh works in the creative area of Holistic Life Home and is responsible for the website, social networks, photos, videos and online shop. Through intuitive dance and painting, she guides people towards their creative expression.


Nem-Tha is responsible for the area of internal organisation at Holistic Life Home. As an expert in the field of nutrition, she accompanies people into an easy, natural, healing relationship with the way they eat.


Jiyanh is principal editor at Holistic Life Home and works in the fields of media and music. She uses her soft, touching voice in mantra chanting, voice healing offerings and mantra yoga classes.


In addition to her role as Nahizji’s personal assistant, Namitan takes over the external organisation and administration tasks at the Holistic Life Home. She guides people into a deeper connection with themselves through mindfulness yoga and foot treatments.

The Bubbels

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