Awakened Kundalini master and founder of HLH

The source

Nahizji works in the tradition of the Mystery School and transmits the legacy of Mary Magdalene to seekers.

Her presence is pure, compassionate and guiding.

In her clear, loving field, the path of the heart is revealed to those who are willing.

In many people’s journey with her, physical ailments that had lasted for years, severe intolerances or psychological symptoms have often dissipated in a very short time.

"Jesus appeared to her one more time....

… as she stood by her child’s bedside. He told her to leave the family to go into complete retreat. Following this instruction, she found a way to live completely on her own, to withdraw from all social contacts, including her family, which in a very short time resulted in her son remaining completely symptom-free and his illness completely cured within a few weeks.
During this withdrawal phase, which lasted about 3 years, Nahizji experienced a profound transformation.”

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