Healing the relationship with food

More health, vitality and balance through conscious eating

Do you also have an “issue” with your food?

  • allergies
  • intolerances
  • flatulence/diarrhoea/constipation
  • underweight/overweight
  • eating disorders

  • Do you notice that your thoughts often revolve around food?
  • Have you tried many concepts and diets, but always fall back into your old ways of eating?

Do you wish for a profound change?

Detox vitality cure

In only 4 weeks to a new body feeling!

Detox Vitality Cure

Would you like to cleanse your body in a targeted way? Alleviate disturbing symptoms and reduce your body weight at the same time? Do you want to clear your mind and feel more energised? Then this 4-week journey is your chance!
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Individual one-to-one support

Do you wish to heal your diet?

Individual one-to-one support

If you want to heal your diet, the key to a joyful relationship with food lies where you might never have expected it.
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Manufactory & Catering

Vegan delicacies made from organic ingredients

Manufactory & Catering

delicious, wholesome, healthy
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Möchtest du in kürzester Zeit auf effektive Weise deinen Körper reinigen und vitalisieren und so dein Energie-Level wieder auf Vordermann bringen?


Gönne dir zwei intensive Tage nur für dich und schöpfe Kraft, Klarheit und neue Lebenslust!
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Iss dich schön

Du interessierst dich für Gesundheit und möchtest aktiv eine ausgewogene Ernährungsweise in deinen Alltag integrieren?

Iss dich schön

Du möchtest wissen, wie und warum sich Lebensmittel in verschiedenen Kombinationen und Zubereitungen positiv und heilend auf deinen Körper auswirken? Und warum es andere nicht sind? Dann ist dieses 6-wöchige Angebot deine Möglichkeit, durch einfache Erkenntnisse in Praxis und Theorie deine Ernährungsweise nachhaltig zu verändern.
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The book “Be one with veggie, be one with you” provides you with comprehensive support in developing a conscious, healthy diet and inspires you with 100 tasty recipes to embark on the adventure of a plant-based diet in a practical and everyday way.

The book is included in the package of support and the detox vitality cure.

Nem-Tha Ernährung und interne Organisation


Nutrition transformation coach

An eating disorder accompanied me for the longest time of my life.
Through an intensive process, which I went through with the help of Nahizji, my old patterns and the resulting behaviours have become visible to me and I have learned how to replace and overwrite my old, disruptive eating behaviour.

It is precisely this experience that enables me to respond in a personalised, practical, efficient, everyday, loving, clear and comprehensive way to everything that is currently manifesting in the people I support. I experience amazing healing processes in myself and in my clients time and time again.

My clients say...

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