Holistic Life Cuisine

Food that comes from the heart and nourishes the soul

We, the Holistic Life Home Cuisine team, have focussed our work on a holistic, mindful and loving approach to nutrition, which we incorporate into various areas:

  • Catering
  • Manufactory
  • Market stalls

"May contain traces of love."

Our basics

⋙ Plantbased
… all meals are plant-based and balanced.

⋙ Organic
… all food is organic and sourced locally where available.

⋙ Fresh
… all meals are freshly prepared.

⋙ Varied
… the meals can be raw, gluten-free, yeast-free, sugar-free and prepared according to the 5-element cuisine.

⋙ Special requirements
… allergies, intolerances, diabetes, etc. are taken into account after an appropriate preliminary discussion.


Are you planning a celebration or event and would like to leave the catering in experienced hands?

The food will be carefully prepared according to your wishes and requirements, comprehensively and reliably customised for you and your guests.
Our offer includes rich buffets, refined main courses, cakes, bread, salads, sprouts, desserts, soups and much more.

Meals can also be prepared gluten-free, raw, sugar-free, etc.
Let yourself be spoilt with creative, delicious and healthy food variations.


Due to recurring requests, we have developed a diverse range of special, in-house vegan specialities for sale in recent years.

All products are carefully handmade in small quantities and lovingly packaged.

Vegan camembert and cream cheese variations

We use organic cashew nuts with vegan cultures to create delicious camembert and cream cheese variations.


  • matured for 3 weeks
  • melt-in-the-mouth
  • creamy
  • with a spicy rind of fine mould

about 150g per piece

10 € each

Cream cheese

  • pure
  • Tomato harissa
  • Curry-fig
  • herbs
  • sweet with dates and
  • cinnamon
  • or order your favourite cream cheese

Pure cream cheese 100g: € 3.50
Cream cheese flavoured 100g: € 4.50
(plus deposit jars € 1.50 each)

Bread baking

  • gluten-free
  • alkaline
  • easily digestible
  • easy to prepare
  • long shelf life, good for freezing

    Price: 10,- Euro

Rote Bete

  • Delicacy
  • gluten-free
  • full-bodied flavour
  • for dipping
  • as a spread

    Price: 5,- Euro


  • healthy snack
  • gluten-free
  • for dipping savoury and sweet
  • delicious and versatile
  • perfect as a gift
    different flavours

Price: 4,- Euro per bag


Keine Zeit zu kochen und trotzdem Lust auf ein leckeres und reichhaltiges Essen?

Montags, mittwochs und freitags kochen wir für dich!

Unsere abwechslungsreiche biovegane Küche bietet z. B.:

  • Kartoffel- und Reisgerichte, Nudeln, Lasagne, Bratlinge, …
  • Suppen
  • Salate
  • ausgefallene Dessert- und Kuchen-Variationen
  • vieles mehr


Bestelle am Vortag bis 12:00 Uhr deine Mahlzeit mit oder ohne Dessert und hole sie bei uns in der Nähe von Antugnac ab.

12 € Hauptgericht
15 € Hauptgericht inkl. Dessert oder Kuchen

(Lieferung gegen Pauschale möglich)

Buffets und Events

An jedem 2. Samstag im Monat laden wir dich in unser Haus ein!

Erlebe die Kombination unserer Events (z. B. Mantra Singen, Intuitives Tanzen, Ecstatic Dance …) mit reichhaltigen und wechselnden Essensangeboten:

  • Reise mit uns kulinarisch nach Italien, Mexico, Deutschland, Spanien, …
  • Genieße vegane Frühstücksvariationen
  • Entdecke vollwertige glutenfreie Crêpe-Variationen
  • Schlemme dich durch unser Kuchen Buffet
  • Teste unsere veganen Burger

Das Essen und die Veranstaltungen sind auch unabhängig voneinander buchbar.

Market stalls

We are also happy to offer our biovegan specialities at markets.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, for example, you can find us at the wonderfully diverse and colourful market in Espéraza.

Enjoy our changing creations at our stalls:

exclusive selection of cakes
full-flavoured soups
savoury sandwiches
crispy patties
a wide variety of crêpes

You can also purchase vegan products from our manufactory.

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