Mantra Singing

Singing in devotion – a special form of meditation

Healing Sound

Making music together creates a highly vibrating, healing energy field in which blocked energy can flow again.

Divine presence

When chanting mantras, we repeat the name of God over and over again and remind ourselves of his omnipresent, unconditionally loving presence.


The mantra chant leads you into the nourishing connection with your heart.

What is mantra chanting?

In classic mantra chanting, one or more words are repeated several times to a catchy melody, so that over time a focussed, meditative state can open up within you.

On a physical level, your brain waves slow down and move from the normal beta range to the alpha range, activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Your break from everyday life

Thanks to the simplicity and soulfulness of the lyrics and melodies, mantra chanting allows you to completely immerse yourself in the here and now and step out of your usual patterns of thought and behaviour.

Chanting mantras is possible in all languages and promotes joy, relaxation and lightness within you. Feelings that arise can be lovingly integrated into the chant and in this way become a source of strength and inspiration for you.

Value per hour:
on site: 15,00 €
online via Zoom: 15,00 €

Weekly dates



Hello, my name is Jiyanh.

Following the call of my soul, I pass on the love, strength and touch that I experience when singing to other people in different ways, e.g. at concerts, voice coaching sessions, in workshops or yoga classes.

For me, singing mantras is a sacred practice in which we can come closer to ourselves in a light, joyful way and feel the connection to our heart.

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