Intensive detox and healing week

Do you feel tired, listless and sluggish?
Do you want more vitality in your everyday life?

During our 7-day intensive detox and healing week, you can clear your body and mind in the soothing surroundings of southern France.
In a constellation of max. 2 participants, you can regain new clarity and strength.

"Once the body and mind are clear, the self can blossom."

Our dates in 2024:
  • Thu., 16.05.- Thu., 23.05.24

Take some time out for yourself and your body. Experience soothing deceleration and relaxation in the unspoilt nature of southern France.

The cure is based on

– high-quality organic vegan food

– natural detox preparations

– detox meridian yoga

– meditations

– walks

– thermal applications

– and a wide range of complementary options.

Throughout the entire programme, which is carefully tailored to you and your constitution, you will be supervised by Nem-Tha, a fully trained nutritional transformation coach.

Purify and cleanse your body in a mindful, organic vegan and enjoyable detox programme.

Experience comprehensive regeneration on all levels, supported by the detoxifying effect of selected natural remedies.

Explore your relationship with food with all your senses.
Receive additional impulses to help you integrate what you have learnt from this treatment into your everyday life at home.

High quality organic vegan food

Discover how real, mindfully prepared food affects you and your body.
Experience what it feels like to feel nourished and “light” at the same time.

Detox meridian yoga

Daily detox yoga, breathing exercises and regular meditation help to relieve your digestive system, cleanse your cells and rejuvenate your body.

Mindful walk

Breathe out and recharge your batteries on a guided mindful walk in the natural surroundings of the south of France.

Cleansing bath in a hot spring

Give yourself the gift of cosy relaxation with a bath in a hot spring, which stimulates your metabolism and detoxification.

Counselling and treatment sessions
with Nahizji

Optionally bookable

If issues arise during your stay that you would like to look at more closely, or if you feel the need to have Nahizji support the healing and cleansing processes of the cure, you have the option of booking an additional treatment or counselling session with her.

Main elements of the detox and healing week


Comprehensive assessment of your current state of health

High-quality organic vegan food

Tasty, alkaline, light and detoxifying food with a daily smoothie

Detox meridian yoga

Movement and breathing exercises specially tailored to the organ groups

Practical units

Expand your horizon through joint practical units regarding different topics

Guided meditations

Be mindful of food in silence and experience it with all your senses


Experience deep relaxation - e. g. through a bath in a hot source


Your room

Relax fully in your individual accommodation

Included services



2.145,- €
(with accommodation)

1.865,- €
(without accommodation)

Travelling on your own,
transfer from the railway station in Carcassonne
possible for an extra charge

Our dates in 2024:
  • Thu., 16.05.- Thu., 23.05.24

The cure is designed for a maximum of two people per appointment,
so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional offers

Thanks to the holistic approach of our healing centre, we have a wide range of additional offers so that you can optionally supplement your cure with body treatments, sound or dance sessions or other creative elements.
A visit to the sauna can also be booked as an option.

If you are interested, we will be happy to send you a list of additional options in advance or we can look together on site to see which offer can best support your cleansing and relaxation process.

On request, the treatment can also be combined with a more in-depth elimination of foreign substances (such as amalgam, antibiotics, fluoride or various other substances).

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