Detoxification, cleansing and rebuilding

This 4-Week-Cure:

  • gives you new power and lightness
  • lets you shine again
  • is alkaline and harmonising
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • is easy to integrate into your everyday life
  • offers you 4 weeks of personal support with a medical background

Experience what it feels like to deeply detoxify
and feel full and nourished at the same time.

Procedure and elements of the cure:

  • Anamnesis in advance
  • Personalised tips for implementing the cure in your everyday life
  • receipt of all the materials and resources you need for the treatment
  • a comprehensive information folder with a detox schedule
  • the book “Be one with veggie, be one with you”
  • Simple and delicious recipes
  • natural remedies from nature to actively support your detoxification
  • “Inner Work” impulses to train your awareness
    final discussion

Your individual bonus:

  • Impulses for integrating a healthy lifestyle beyond the cure
  • Background knowledge about the effect of nutrition on your body and mind
  • Short-term (written) availability for questions and issues that arise during the entire duration of the programme


Experience a comprehensive cleansing of your body system, which is already evident during the cure through a reduced need for sleep and significantly more energy.

Delicious and simple

The diet in the cure is natural and simple and easy to integrate into your private and professional everyday life.


Feel how your body regenerates in a very short time. You will glow again and this will be clearly visible to you and everyone else.

Give yourself
conscious attention and regain strength and clarity.”

Costs for the cure
incl. all materials:

450,00 €
(Intensive care on request)

If you have any questions,
please get in touch.
I look forward to getting to know you.

Participants quote



Why do I offer this cure?

The positive effects of my first detox programme, at that time a
5-element programme, more than surprised me!

After a short initial detox phase, I felt fit and light, only needed a few hours’ sleep, my skin was clearer and somehow I was more radiant than usual. My thoughts became increasingly clearer and I felt calmer.

The natural form of nutrition in combination with other elements of consciousness work had a healing effect on my body and mind.

This experience impressed me so much that I delved deeper into conscious nutrition and developed the programme further on my own. This resulted in the Detox Vitality Cure.

I am always deeply touched to witness the healing effects of the Detox Vitality Cure on my clients. After just a short time, they feel visibly healthier, fresher and clearer. Through pure nutrition, they encounter themselves and their personal issues on other levels and are able to integrate positive changes into their diet and other areas of life in the long term.

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